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Safer Policing through

Innovative technology.

BolaWrap was designed to be used on non-compliant individuals who need to be detained but are not responding to verbal commands of officers. Before an encounter escalates to a point where lethal force is needed to be used, BolaWrap can be deployed to help safely restrain an individual from a distance, without relying on inflicting pain to gain compliance.

Ultimately, each law enforcement or military agency creates their own policy and procedures for their agency to determine when the BolaWrap should be used by their agency.

Wrap suggests the following scenarios for when BolaWrap deployment should be used:

  • Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP)

  • Passively resistant and non-compliant subjects

  • Mildly aggressive non-compliant subjects

  • Mentally ill subjects

  • Suicidal subjects/Persons in crisis

  • Subjects under the influence of alcohol and drugs

  • Armed (not with a firearm), non-assaultive, non-compliant, non-mobile

  • SWAT operations

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Our New training facility located in Bristol TN and is the only company outside of WRAP Inc. to offer BolaWrap training using the new state of the art, Wrap Reality virtual reality training system.

We a full range tactical training all in a beautiful East Tennessee mountain setting.

GUARDIAN -night-view-from-WHITE-lens-SBI-301087237.png

Using ground breaking interactive data collection technology,

The GUARDIAN system is engineered from the ground up for community policing, public safety, and quality of life.

This secure and robust real time community reporting and resource aggregation platform,
is designed to help local municipality's with community policing efforts by involving the citizenry. Focusing on mental health, addiction, the under-housed and the transient homeless.  This system gathers valuable  data that can be used when identifying problem areas in the community and incite in how to locate city and state budgets.


We design everything with the first responders and citizens in mind. One of the largest problems law enforcement currently faces is mental health and addiction calls.  GUARDIAN is designed to help identify many problems before police are called.


GUARDIAN is created by ADVANCED IN MOTION. This software has been years in the making, all with one goal in mind : to help our first responders to keep community's across the nation safe and thriving.

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